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Aliens_On_Earth [Box-Killa] Aliens_On_Earth [Box-Killa]

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not trying to be a hater.. just my honest opinion

Definitely some sweet potential in this stuff, but the generic gate you have going really turns me off. That and the drum loop get pretty old for me personally as a listener. But seriously, I'm not just trying to hate. I think if you did something different with the gate and gave some sort of loop variation in the longer stretches it would be an awesome song.

DJ[Y] - HouseTrance[Original] DJ[Y] - HouseTrance[Original]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Real good, but room to improve

You could easily play this in a club and people would get down. However, I personally think there is room to improve to get to a 10. The lead melody could use a little more time to be exposed either with a drawn out filter or something. There is a fade in but it doesn't take long and it is kinda uninteresting to me. Overall, I guess the piece isn't dynamic enough for me given the length. That would be my issue. But seriously, it sounds good and it has serious potential to be something I rock out to with a little work.

DjYeoh responds:

Alright thanks for your review, i'll improve on my work on my next song :)